LUSO AMERICANO – Koehler & Isaacs – A Winning Bet in the Portuguese Community

About two years ago, the New York law firm, Koehler & Isaacs, decided to bet on the City of Newark and its surrounding areas. The firm, founded in 1999, by Richard J. Koehler, began operating in New York and soon put their mark on the legal system of the big city. Koehler, a renowned lawyer in the area of labor relations and a former Correction Commissioner and Chief of Personnel in the New York City Police Department, partnered with Steven Isaacs, a veteran lawyer in criminal defense who also specializes in labor issues.

Currently, the firm has 23 lawyers who specialize in various areas of law.

“Investing in Newark was a big step,” says Richard Koehler, who highlights their work and proven results, especially in labor issues, on behalf ethnic communities, such as the Portuguese, Brazilian, and Hispanic populations. “We have many Portuguese and Brazilian clients who we helped compensate for large damages,” says the lawyer proud of the investments he made.

Recently, Koehler & Isaacs received the distinguished “Heart and Soul Award” assigned by Lusamedia at the 9th Grand Night of Fado at the Mediterranean Manor in Newark.

“Of course we like to be recognized. It was fantastic to celebrate such an important honor with the Portuguese community and we look forward to continue to help the community at our local office at 26 Ferry Street,” said Koehler to LusoAmericano.

The law firm has employees who speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese that are always willing to assist the community in any way they can.

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